Assistance League of Georgetown Area

…caring and commitment in action.

900 North Austin Avenue, Suite 313

Georgetown, TX 78626

Phone 512-864-2542

Assistance League of  Georgetown Area


Ethics Policy


Assistance League's mission can only be realized through a common code of ethics upheld by our members.  


Assistance League shall:


      Uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior. Everyone is expected
      to exercise due diligence, reasonable care and integrity in all organizational affairs.


            Conduct its business ethically, effectively and with transparency.


            Be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and with national and local

            Assistance League bylaws, policies, procedures and standards.


            Serve the community without discrimination, with its identified philanthropic

      Programs.  Treat with respect and consideration all persons, regardless
      of race, religion, gender, abilities, age or national origin.


            Set a good example, keep promises and support others in adhering to ethical 



            Conduct business without benefit to any individual as a public benefit



            Act in such a manner as to sustain and enhance personal and professional

            Honor, integrity and dignity.


            Value and protect privileged information, to which it has access in the course of

            Its duties


            Be provided facts as a basis for decisions, shall provide support to implement

            Decisions and provide education regarding change to decisions.


            Assume individual responsibility for keeping promises made by the chapter to the

            Community through its philanthropic programs.