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National Assistance League - Our National Oganization


Assistance League began in Southern California in the late 1890's.  Headquartered in Burbank, California, Assistance League has grown to more than 120 chapters and guilds nationwide with more than 26,000 members.  Each year, Assistance League:

                  Provided 2.6 million volunteer hours
                  Funded more than 750 philanthropic program
                  Returned more than $36 million dollars to their communities

                  Touched the lives of more than 1.2 million children and seniors 

Assistance League is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to putting caring and commitment into action.  When put into action, the results are astonishing. Nationwide, the member volunteers of Assistance League are dedicated to ongoing support and long-term presence in the communities they serve.


Through a commitment of hands-on action, the innovative programs of Assistance League touch the lives of more than 1.2 million children, seniors, families and others in need.

The 120 chapters of Assistance League continue to conduct extensive community needs assessments, develop programs according to those needs, generate funding and staff each program.
The extensive training, proven track record and joy of giving are expressed through extraordinary programs to meet specific needs of individual communities. Assistance League is proud to give its member volunteers the power to help ensure a positive future for their communities. Where these dollars were spent tells the true story of how Assistance League plays a vital role in the fight to provide help to those in greatest need.








Our chapter began as a guild in May 1998 and in July 2001, Assistance League of Georgetown Area became the 102nd chartered chapter of National Assistance League®.  Today we have 125 members and 5 philanthropic programs that touch lives in the Georgetown area. Our membership continues to grow, as well as philanthropic programs we fund, and the number of community members we reach each year.



            The philanthropic programs include: 

            Operation School Bell®

            Reading and More

            New Friends


            Assist A Teacher

            Operation Share


     The source of funding for these programs is

    • Ring the Bell, a brochure mail campaign  
    • Marilyn Seelman Memorial Thrift Shop
    • Annual fundraisers
    • Various grants
    • Donation from individuals and businesses